After not having a clear idea as to what exactly I wanted to shoot for this project. I thought why don’t I shoot my friend throughout time. At first my idea was to capture weight loss but not much weight was loss to notice so I am sticking to taking photos of a woman throughout time.  The main idea behind my project is to capture fine figure art of a woman throughout time. I plan on completing this project in 2 weeks and taking 7-8 photos per week. I do not want to take the typical before and after photos you may see on instagram or in a magazine. My inspirational ideas derive from Edward Weston with the beautiful image of a pepper as well as other vegetables. Another inspiration derives from Robert Mapplethorpe who took many photos of fine figure art. I want to have the photos in black and white with a little vignetting on the sides.I am excited to see the minor changes throughout the next few weeks. I think the strength of my idea is conveying that even in a weeks or two you can see some change. My idea dovetails into the conceptual construct of the assignment (time) by taking photos of my friend. My idea is to use high contrast black and white photos on matte paper.  Some of the compositional decisions that I am thinking about that will reinforce my ideas are taking more than 7-8 photos so I can have a wide selection of photos to chose from. I’m want a maximum amount of 15 photos matted. For my final presentation, I would like to display my prints on 8 x10 matte paper and have them matted. My time management strategy to ensure that I complete the entire project is to be diligent in taking the photos on time. Some of my concerns about the project are lighting since I will be shooting indoor. I am dealing with those concerns by taking a few shots prior to choosing the right photo to make sure I have correct exposure.

Powerpoint: Time Project

My Final Images:

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